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GelCoat Kit 16.4kg (36.1lb)


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EcoPoxy GelCoat is a highly durable, epoxy coating that provides the best protection against chemical and thermal stresses. It can be applied by brush or spray for smooth finishes on any surface type such as steel, concrete, wood, composites, etc., providing superior durability in comparison with other products available on market today. This product is compatible with laminating systems, created as a finish coat, and works well on a variety of different surfaces. It’s easy to use and when coating is applied to vertical surfaces, no sagging will occur. Our GelCoat is fantastic for use on boats, pools, tubs or showers, and RVs and is the only gel coat that meets all your boating, transportation and containment needs. A premium product formulated with strict guidelines for safety in mind. The special formula used to create GelCoat is extremely durable and completely water and blistering resistant! Other features of GelCoat are: -Spray application is easy – Non toxic and low odor – Resistant to sag – Weatherability – Gloss retention – Chemical resistant


Designed to Work with
Laminating Systems

Epoxy filler generally tends to be more effective in long term applications than typical Gelcoat products, and it’s often regarded as being a stronger and cheaper option than its counterpart. However, Gelcoat repairs can be color matched to get a customized look that will be flush with whatever service you’re applying it to. This is a steep advantage over Epoxy for some consumers, but it depends on the circumstance surrounding the job itself. For example, if you’re making a repair on a boat, you’ll be pleased to learn that Epoxy cures in a water-resistant state and bonds to most hulls much more effectively than resins and this results in a stronger and more reliable bond.

GENIUM Staircase to flybridge

Once your Epoxy has been applied, you’ll need to wait for the curing process to run its course. Speeding up the process by unnatural means could result in a fault or insufficient bond that may or may not offer water resistant properties. Curing times vary wildly depending on what surface you apply it to, how large of a surface area you’re covering, and what kind of elements it may be exposed to. However, a safe estimate is somewhere between twelve to eighteen hours.

Gelcoat is often confused as being something else due to its name. However, Gelcoat is basically just a colored resin that has been polished or buffed into a sturdy finish that is glossy in nature. It’s most commonly known for its dependability regarding finishes on boat hulls, but there’s other uses for it as well. This is due to its water resistant and durable qualities. Once it has been applied, it will cure hard and feature a self-leveling phase. This comes in handy when applying GelCoat vertically!

GelCoat differs greatly from Topcoat because it tends to harden in a sticky manner, but Topcoat cures without any stickiness at all. Once it finishes curing, Topcoat is extremely rough and will need to be sanded down in order to apply another layer. However, once GelCoat cures, it can simply be allowed to dry and then more resin can be added to it for an additional layer. Also, unlike GelCoat, which is highly recommended for applications below the water line on boats, clearcoat is nowhere near as durable and its strongly cautioned against using on surfaces interacting with water.

Weight 16.4 kg
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