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FlowCast Tote Set 2949kg (2765L)

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FlowCast® is a revolutionary new casting resin that can be mixed with pigments to create custom colors, textures, or effects. The two parts combine into an incredibly durable finish once hardened giving you ultimate clarity at any thickness up 1/2″. FlowCast® is an amazing material that can be worked with the same tools you already have for woodworking such as a lathe, table saw, or belt sander. You will find thousands of possibilities to create beautiful projects! Use FlowCast® to create: – Art – Furniture – Encapulsating objects – Fills for voids and gaps – Silicone mold casting projects FlowCast® is the perfect solution for all of your casting needs! It’s thinner, clearer and contains more bio-renewable content than before. With its 1.5″ thick casting capacity, the FlowCast® is an excellent choice for pouring river or ocean tables as well any other deep pour applications that require a large mold cavity like silicone molds. FlowCast® is a versatile product that can be colored with any one of our many pigments. [wpforms id=”16738″ title=”false”]
EcoPoxy FlowCast Kit Clear Casting for Wood Working 60L


½" to 1 ½" Thick per Layer


Cures Water Clear


Excellent Air Release


Extremely Low Odor

FlowCast is a wonderful material that can be utilized when working on tables, countertops, or molding projects. Its unique ability to mix with liquid or powder pigmentation grants it the opportunity to change colors based on what pigmentation has been added to it, and how much has been mixed in. FlowCast has a similar cure time in relation to all other EcoPoxy products. Average curing time depends on what elements the resin is exposed to while curing, and what the total surface area is. However, it is safe to say that on average, you’re looking at about one to three days before it is fully cured and hardened. EcoPoxy products offer some level of heat protection, but it is imperative that its not exposed to excess heat while curing. This could delay, or completely fault the process altogether. If you are not exposing the resin to an overabundance of heat or cold, but it’s still not curing, then you’ve either incorrectly measured the resin and hardener prior to mixing, or you’ve used dirty or wet tools to apply it. Water and resin are about as good for each other as love and money. If you have made an error then simply scrape off the wet parts, fill in any holes with new mixed resin, carefully sand the entire project area, and apply a second coat of resin. This should resolve the problem and have your work looking good as new!

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