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FlowCast Drum Set - 654kg (612L) F

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FlowCast® is a revolutionary new casting resin that can be mixed with pigments to create custom colors, textures or effects. The two parts combine into an incredibly durable finish once hardened giving you ultimate clarity at any thickness up 1/2″. FlowCast® is an amazing material that can be worked with the same tools you already have for woodworking such as a lathe, table saw or belt sander. You will find thousands of possibilities to create beautiful projects! Use FlowCast® to create: – Art – Furniture – Encapulsating objects – Fills for voids and gaps – Silicone mold casting projects FlowCast® is the perfect solution for all of your casting needs! It’s thinner, clearer, and contains more bio-renewable content than before. With its 1.5″ thick casting capacity, the FlowCast® is an excellent choice for pouring river or ocean tables as well any other deep pour applications that require a large mold cavity like silicone molds. FlowCast® is a versatile product which can be colored with any one of our many pigments. [wpforms id=”16738″ title=”false”]
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