Snow White Ecopoxy min

EcoPoxy SnowWhite Kit 15L (20.1kg)


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For those looking for an opaque white finish, SnowWhite is a perfect choice. This pre-blended epoxy has low odor and cures to a 100% solid when applied correctly with fast pour times that provide great value in comparison against other options on today’s market. Use SnowWhite to create an array of furniture and art projects or use it to fill gaps. The pre-blended formula for SnowWhite epoxy is a much better option than buying clear and white pigments. Not only does it produce an even blend, but by reducing pour to finish time you can increase productivity which means more money in your pocket! SnowWhite is a professional and high-quality product that can be used for any project. It has the persuasive power to make your work stand out from others, as well as having an amazing shine! SnowWhite is the perfect solution if you are looking for an even, opaque white color. It’s also low-odor! With the same tools you would use to work wood, SnowWhite can be easily sanded and shaped. It will adhere strongly with a high bond strength that lasts for life!
Snow White Ecopoxy min


Between ½” - 1 ½”




For Opaque Whites


Between Layers

In terms of descriptions, it does not get any more obvious than SnowWhite. This viscous, dual-party system is heavily pigmented to give you a bight, vivid white color. Something like this is best used for large scale casting project. Tables or large furniture pieces would be fine with this, but SnowWhite really stands out when paired with a reclaimed wood that needs assistance popping out. Unlike other forms of resin, SnowWhite is entirely opaque. So, you cannot see through it at all. This helps give the impression of a fuller design when casting or molding. SnowWhite gets its bright, white color from the addition of a heavy concentrate of white pigmentation. If you are not satisfied with the vibrant color, it’s best to leave it as is. If you add acrylic paint, food coloring, or anything else to the mixture, it could destabilize the bond and make the product less dependable and maybe even less appealing as well. Like all EcoPoxy products, SnowWhite is safe to use indoors, is completely self-leveling, and has a low-profile odor that won’t burn out your nostrils while you’re pouring it. So, if you’re looking for a no nonsense opaque white resin for casting purposes, then look no further than SnowWhite!

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Weight 20.1 kg