Browsing our selection of epoxy color pigments is the perfect way to find that little something special for your next project. Our colors have been specially formulated so they will mix and set into any casting or coating resin, creating an amazing difference in quality!

With the help of these specially made pigments, you can now achieve a variety of hues and effects that will add uniqueness to any project.

These special effect pigments are composed of mica nanoparticles coated with various organic and inorganic colors to create a pearlescent or iridescent finish. This will always be unique, making it perfect for any project!

Some advantages of utilizing Metallic Color Pigments are:
Versatile and can be used in many different projects
Unique and stylish
Iridescent and pearlescent effect

Create your own colors and effects by mixing our EcoPoxy pigments with other products. Just like painting, all of the company’s dyes can be mixed to get any shade you want! We recommend testing out different combinations before pouring them into epoxy for best results.

Even blending is achievable with these pigments as there are clear mixing instructions located on the resin bottle.

With the variety of colors available and new ones in development, metallics can be used as an accent or to create custom colors of your own.


Americana, Avocado, Carribean, Caviar, Coral, Dolphin, Dragon, Margarita, Maui, Nebula, Ocean, Pearl, Sangria, Seaweed, Whale, Azure, Bahama, Banana, Candy Apple, Copper, Emerald, Espresso, Jellyfish, Jungle, Mango, Midnight, Parrot, Pineapple, Royal Purple, Seafoam


Single, Set of 15


15g, 45g