15g Polyester Color Glitter


Create a Unique Effect


Large Flecks of Glitter


Glitter Does Not Float in Epoxy


Available in 12 Colors

Whether you need a color change or just some additional flair, our EcoPoxy pigments are the perfect way to get creative. We offer custom colors that can be mixed into any of our casting and coating fluids for an even application with amazing results! The 12 colors of Polyester Color Glitters are precisely cut from premium vacuum-metalized polyester film to provide you with a brilliant alternative for your next project. These specialty glitters will work perfectly alongside EcoPoxy resins, but they’re also naturally complimented by it! Blend two or more colors of polyester glitter to create your own unique shade and enhance any project with the perfect finishing touch. These glitters can be used to create: – Unique jewelry – Furniture – Art Projects – And more! Polyester color glitters can be mixed with a thin topcoat, such as UVPoxy to keep the glitter suspended and visible on a top layer. This provides an even more unique look that’s perfect. To ensure even distribution of glitters, follow the mixing time instructions on your resin bottle. You’re left with a gorgeous, even blend! Polyester Color Glitters are available in a variety of colors. With 12 unique shades, you’re sure to find one that matches your style and your project.
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One of the coolest characteristics about EcoPoxy is its ability to absorb metallic pigments, or glitter pigments, in order to cure into a certain color or design of your choosing. You can even combine several pigments in order to create a custom or unique color! However, you do not want to overdo it by adding too much pigment. In fact, a few drops per approximately 24 ounces of EcoPoxy will be enough to make a substantial color change. The pigments are literally suspended in the resin, so it does not take much before you have an accident on your hands that could potentially ruin your project. Simply add a few drops into the EcoPoxy resin and the pigments will take care of the rest. When it comes to pigments you usually have two types: liquid and powder. These two heavyweights both do an amazing job, and they are equally effective in adding color to the casting resin. However, powder pigments generally are associated with unique patterns or special effects on the colors themselves. So, if you want something safe and plain, then liquid is the best option. However, if you are looking for a more artistic approach and are willing to accept the risks, then powder pigments are best for you. EcoPoxy primer can be lightly tinted if you desire to do so, but you must be cautious in how you go about it. Avoid using oil paint pigments or acrylics because these will absolutely ruin it. You should also keep away from solvents or stains because they will not be of any use to you in this endeavor either. Dry, Earth colored powders have long been the only true accepted method of tinting EcoPoxy.


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Black, Blue, Bronze, Fuschia, Gold, Green, Gunmetal, Orange, Red, Silver, Yellow


Set of 12, Single

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