1851kg 1745L UVPoxy Tote Set

UVPoxy Tote Set 1851kg (1745L)

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UVPoxy is a premium, high-performance epoxy system that’s UV stable and produces an impeccable crystal clear finish. This product not only offers the perfect solution for woodworkers but also for artists and craftspeople who need to coat their work with something durable without sacrificing beauty! UVPoxy is the perfect solution for commercial-grade epoxy coats that are durable and withstand heavy use. Not only does this product have an attractive appearance thanks to its high-quality formulation but it also provides protection against yellowing or fading due to constant exposure in high traffic areas such as nightclubs bars restaurants. UVPoxy can be used for: – Encapsulation – Art – Wood crafts – Embedded keepsakes – Coatings – Jewelry – Counter tops UVPoxy clear finishes are not only long-lasting but also easy to maintain. This coating is a durable, high-quality product that can be used to coat artwork or counters in your home. It has a thickness of ¼” and provides a durable finish that resists yellowing caused by sunlight and other ultraviolet light sources as well. UVPoxy is the perfect material for artists looking to create high-quality pieces that will look stunning on display. The self-leveling formula provides easy handling and excellent color stability. Features of UVPoxy: – Does not sweat under humidity – Takes care of craters, fish eye, and crawling – Water resistant – No maintenance – Resilient with scratches [wpforms id=”16738″ title=”false”]
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