American Flag

The flag has thirteen identical white and red horizontal stripes, and fifty tiny white five-pointed stars are arranged in horizontal rows of six stars, alternating with rows of five stars, on a blue rectangle within the canton (specified specifically as the “union”). The thirteen stripes and fifty stars on the flag stand for the thirteen British colonies that proclaimed their independence from the British Empire to become the first states in the United States. Additionally, each of the flag’s colors has a special meaning; red stands for tenacity and bravery, white for purity and innocence, and blue for watchfulness, endurance, and justice. The flag has been through many changes since its original design, but it has always kept its basic form and symbolism. The current design was adopted on July 4th, 1960, and has been in use ever since. The flag is a powerful symbol of American identity and national pride. It is flown on public and private buildings, at sporting events, and on many other occasions. The flag is also a part of many patriotic songs and poems. Product features.
  • The American Flag is a beautiful and timeless symbol of our nation.
  • It is made of high-quality wood, and the colors are rich and vibrant.
  • The flag is perfect for display in your home or office.
This American Flag is a beautifully carved wooden statue that is perfect for any patriotic home. The American flag’s stars and stripes are featured on this lovely work of art, which was created here in the country. A wonderful way to display your patriotism and support for the USA is by flying the American Flag. This stunning wood statue makes a great gift for any patriot or anyone who loves the USA. Owning a piece of this American Flag statue will make you feel proud to display your patriotism. This wood carving is a great way to show support for the USA and it is a timeless symbol of our nation that will look great in any room. Order your American Flag today!

Can a non-US citizen own this?

Yes, anyone can own this American Flag statue regardless of citizenship. This is just a way to decorate your home or office with patriotism and to show support for the USA.

Can I display this outdoors?

Yes, the American Flag statue can be displayed outdoors. However, it is recommended that you apply a clear coat of polyurethane to protect it from the elements of the environment.
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