Stallion Carving

Have you ever heard the saying “like a wild stallion”? Stallions are absolutely breathtaking creatures that represent both strength and beauty. The stallion is a powerful animal that represents strength and power. The Celts believed this horse to be their first deity, but not only did they worship him as such – but it also stood for the Sun symbolized by Helios (the Greek god). Goddess Epona took on many forms depending upon what region she came from; however, in Ireland, she was known under her more famous name “the horse mother”. Endurance, valor, beauty, freedom, and determination are all traits that a stallion stands for and maybe you know someone who possesses these traits as well! Whether you or a loved one just love horses (how can you not?) or need a reminder of who they are and what they stand for–this stallion wood carving is the perfect addition!
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