Navy Master Scuba Diver badge

The Navy Master Scuba Diver badge is the highest scuba diving qualification a service member can achieve. To earn the badge, divers must have been previously qualified as a Navy Dive Officer or Master Scuba Diver, have completed a minimum of 50 dives, and have completed advanced training in five different areas of dive knowledge. The areas of focus include search and rescue, shipwreck diving, ice diving, deep-sea diving, and scientific diving. Achieving the rank of Navy Master Scuba Diver is a significant accomplishment that takes years of dedication and practice. Fewer than 1% of all military divers earn this badge. Wearing the Navy Master Scuba Diver badge is a source of great pride for those who have earned it. The Navy Master Scuba Diver badge is awarded to divers who have demonstrated exceptional skill and knowledge in the field of diving. This badge is a coveted award that takes years of dedication and practice to earn. Those who have been able to achieve this degree of proficiency in their industry are quite proud of themselves. Some of the world’s best qualified and skilled divers are Navy Master Scuba Divers. They are experts in a variety of diving techniques and are able to operate safely and confidently in a wide range of underwater environments. Product features.
  • Designed to replicate the US Navy badge. Can be placed literally anywhere in a house. Carefully carved and hand-painted.
If you are interested in becoming a Navy Master Scuba Diver, be prepared for a long and challenging journey. But the rewards of earning this prestigious badge are well worth the effort.

Can I give this to a non-diver?

Yes, you can! This makes for a great gift for anyone who is interested in the Navy, diving, or simply wants a cool-looking statue to display.

Is this an officially licensed product?

No, this is not an officially licensed product. It is, nevertheless, a precise replica of the Navy Master Scuba Diver Badge.

To obtain this badge, do I have to be a Navy Master Scuba Diver?

No, in order to purchase this badge, you do not need to be a Navy Master Scuba Diver.
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