Archangel Michael

The wooden figure of Archangel Michael is the ideal approach to give your home a spiritual and protective feel. Because he is the patron saint of heaven and a fighter against evil, Saint Michael is the perfect protector of your home. The exquisite wood carving is created with careful attention to detail and adds beauty to any space. Arriving with the smell of fresh wood and complex details, St. Michael the Archangel is a symbol of courage, faith, and protection against evil spirits. He will engage in a fierce battle stance, ready to repel any adversary. His eyes are ablaze while his outstretched wings showcase his divine power. This amazing piece can be hung on the walls in any part of your home to provide optimum protection, crowning them with elegance and bringing with them an aura of strength and majesty. With the grace of St. Michael protecting you for years to come against all evil spirits! St. Michael the Archangel is depicted in this enormous hand-carved wood figure in breathtaking detail, right down to his sword and wings. The beauty is stunning in every aspect. The statue shows St. Michael guarding heaven against the devil. A striking and potent work of art! As the protector of heaven and against evil, this beautiful statue is sure to fill your home with peace, love, and light. This totally one-of-a-kind sculpture is expertly handcrafted from the finest wood. Those who have a special commitment to the Lord, who is famed for his tenacity in combating all afflictions, would benefit much from receiving this statue as a gift.

Product features.

Handmade and hand-painted by skilled artisans. It is a one-of-a-kind work of art that will be treasured for many years to come. The natural wood grain and color variations make each piece unique. There may be slight imperfections in the carving, which add to the rustic charm of this religious figure. A wooden carving depicts St. Michael wielding his iconic sword. Measures approximately 12 inches tall and 8 inches wide. It is sure to make a bold statement in any room in your home. The religious art figure is a classic among cult figures and makes for an amazing display piece in any home or office space. You are going to love seeing him hanging on your wall, watching over you as if he’s ready to run off into heaven at the slightest incline of his knees!

Will the Archangel Michael really protect my home?

The Archangel Michael is the most popular of all the angels and his name means “Who is like God”. He is referred to as the prince of the archangels and is thought to be the one who drove Lucifer out of heaven. The military, law enforcement, and fire departments all have him as their patron saint. So, it’s no wonder that people often turn to him for protection! When it comes to protection, the Archangel Michael is said to be very powerful. He is known as a defender and guardian angel, and he is said to be able to protect people from physical harm as well as from evil spirits. There are many stories of people who have called on the Archangel Michael for protection and who have then been saved from danger or harm. The purpose of this figure is to serve as a physical reminder to have faith and that God has sent his angels to watch over us, not to be worshiped.

Will the figurine break if it falls from a height?

If the figurine is dropped from a minimal distance, it will survive without any damage. However, it might break if dropped from a large height or if it touches a hard surface. In general, however, the figurine is quite durable and should be able to withstand most normal wear and tear.
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