EcoPoxy Pigment

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Looking for a safe, sustainable, and durable pigment coating? Look no further than EcoPoxy Pigment from All American Woodworks in Montana; Our EcoPoxy pigments are non-toxic and contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It ensures you can enjoy your project with peace of mind knowing that it is safe for the environment. With a wide range of colors, you’ll surely find the perfect pigment to bring life and beauty to any woodworking project. Give your woodworking projects the perfect finish with EcoPoxy Pigment from All American Woodworks!

All American Woodworks EcoPoxy Pigment:

EcoPoxy Pigment is a high-performance epoxy resin system that provides superior protection and a flawless finish for any woodworking project. Developed with the environment in mind, this Pigment also contains non-toxic ingredients that make it safe to use indoors and around children and pets. It’s also strong enough to withstand extreme temperatures and can be used in any environment. It has low VOCs and low odor, making it safe for both indoor and outdoor use. It also is nonporous and will not absorb stains or odors.

EcoPoxy is a versatile product that can be used for many different types of projects. It is often used to seal furniture, protect outdoor structures from the elements, and even create unique works of art. It can also be used as an adhesive to hold items together with its superior strength and durability. You can use it to create jewelry, sculptures, and even custom floors! With the addition of EcoPoxy pigments, you can customize your projects with endless colors and patterns. The possibilities are truly endless! No matter what project you have in mind, it has the perfect solution for you.

It has excellent adhesion to most surfaces, including wood, metal, concrete, brick, stone, glass, plastic, fabric, and more. It is a great choice for various applications such as flooring, cabinetry, furniture making, home décor projects, and more. It has excellent coverage and can be used in single or multiple coats to achieve the desired look. The finish is durable and will last through years of use. Additionally, it resists fading, moisture, and wear and tear, making it a great choice for long-term projects. It is also easy to apply and clean up with just soap and water, making it a great option for DIY projects.  With its classic, timeless look, EcoPoxy can be used to give any space a polished and finished look. It is also available in various colors and sheens so that you can find the perfect finish for your project. With proper care, it will keep its beautiful shine for years to come.

When you’re looking for something to add a bit of color and dimension to your project, EcoPoxy Pigment from All American Woodworks is a perfect choice. Our concentrated pigment powder is designed for epoxies but can also be used with other products, such as lacquers and varnishes. The powder is available in a range of colors and can be mixed with EcoPoxy to create a unique look. Once applied, it provides a long-lasting finish that will help protect your project from wear and tear. You’ll love the vibrant colors you can achieve with these pigments!  So if you’re looking for a reliable finish to protect your work, consider using EcoPoxy from All American Woodworks in Montana.

The Benefits of EcoPoxy Pigment:


EcoPoxy’s products are made with natural, renewable materials that are safe for the environment. It is a great addition to any project. Not only does it offer endless color and design options, but its non-toxic formula means it won’t harm your health or the environment.

Easy to Use:

The pigments come in easy-to-use containers and don’t require any special tools or equipment. It is also easy to mix and blend with other pigments to create new colors, allowing you to customize your project in any way you want.

Durable & Long Lasting:

EcoPoxy Pigment is designed to be durable, so it will resist fading and chipping no matter how much you use it. It is also waterproof and heat-resistant, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor projects.


It is cost-effective and provides a high-quality look to your projects without breaking the bank. With great prices and fast shipping, you can get the look and performance you need without compromising quality or affordability.


EcoPoxy Pigment can be used in various projects, from home decor to mixed media. Mix and match colors to create custom shades perfect for your project. It is perfect for large and small-scale projects, giving you a durable and professional look that would take a lot of work to achieve with other products.

Tips for Mixing and Applying EcoPoxy Pigment:

  • To get the best results, mix your EcoPoxy Pigment with a medium such as epoxy resin or polyurethane.
  • Be sure to use safety precautions when working with pigments, as they can be hazardous if inhaled or ingested.
  • Mix your Pigment thoroughly to ensure an even color throughout your project.
  • Start with a small amount of Pigment and add more until you get the desired shade.
  • Depending on your project and application, you may need to thin down or thicken your mixture for better results.
  • Always test the color on a sample surface before you begin working on your final product.
  • When applying pigments, always use even strokes and work in a well-ventilated area.
  • After applying your Pigment, allow it to dry completely before touching or working with the surface.
  • Once your project is finished, seal the entire piece with a clear finish for added protection and durability.
  • Clean up any spills immediately with soap and water to avoid staining and discoloration.
  • If you are working with a light color, consider adding additional coats to get the desired shade.
  • When storing your pigments and paints, ensure they are kept away from direct sunlight, as this can cause them to fade or change colors over time.
  • Be sure to read the label on your Pigment or paint to ensure proper application, drying times, and care instructions.
  • For best results, practice your technique on scrap wood before applying the Pigment or paint to your project.
  • When painting with pigments or paints, always remember to wear protective gear such as gloves, masks, and eye protection. It will help prevent any unwanted contact with the substances.
  • After you have finished your project, make sure to properly clean and store all of your materials in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. It will help ensure that the colors remain vibrant for years to come. Lastly, remember to enjoy your work.

Why should we use EcoPoxy Pigments? 

EcoPoxy pigments are an excellent choice for various art, craft, and home improvement projects. They provide vibrant colors that last over time without fading or discoloring. The pigments are non-toxic, making them safe to use in the home and with children. Additionally, they are easy to mix and apply and can be used to create a wide range of effects. Finally, they are environmentally friendly, which is good news for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint. EcoPoxy pigments are definitely worth considering when choosing the right materials for your next project.

With EcoPoxy pigments, you can create beautiful and unique custom colors for just about any project. Whether you’re painting a mural, creating a stained glass window, or adding accents to furniture, they will provide the color and texture that you need. The pigments are also perfect for touch-up jobs as they blend easily with existing colors. Plus, they can create various effects, such as marbling, layering, and veining.

EcoPoxy pigments are also incredibly easy to use. All you need is a few simple tools, like mixing cups and stir sticks. You can mix your colors directly in the container and start your project immediately. The pigments provide a vibrant, long-lasting color that won’t fade over time or with exposure to sunlight.

EcoPoxy pigments are also non-toxic, making them safe for homes and businesses. They are completely free of solvents and other harsh chemicals, meaning you can use them confidently in indoor and outdoor projects. Plus, because they are non-toxic, it is safe for use around children and pets.

Ecopoxy Resin is the perfect solution for all your bonding needs, from making homes stronger to outdoor recreational activities more enjoyable. Whether sealing surfaces with adhesives or protecting coatings and composites indoors and out – these durable yet flexible resins have got you covered! And thanks to their non-toxic and biodegradable properties, they make an ideal replacement for traditional epoxy products. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur artist, EcoPoxy pigments provide the perfect solution for creating stunning pieces that will last a lifetime. So if you’re ready to start creating truly unique and long-lasting pieces of art, turn to EcoPoxy pigments. With their superior quality, non-toxic formula, and affordable price tag, you’ll be glad you did!

Difference between EcoPoxy and Epoxy:

The main difference between EcoPoxy and other epoxies is that EcoPoxy contains no volatile organic compounds or VOCs. VOCs are a group of chemicals linked to health concerns such as respiratory irritation, headaches, and dizziness. By removing these potentially hazardous substances from the epoxy formula, EcoPoxy is much safer and more eco-friendly than other epoxies.

Moreover, EcoPoxy products are designed to be used in unique applications, such as creating art pieces or furniture. It means that the pigments used in the formula have been specifically chosen to provide a range of vivid colors that will last for years without fading or peeling. Furthermore, it is easy to apply and can be used with various tools, including brushes, rollers, and even spray guns.

Finally, EcoPoxy epoxy products are designed to be durable and long-lasting. The cured finish is resistant to temperature changes, UV rays, and scratches, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor projects. In addition, it is resistant to mold and mildew, making it a great choice for areas prone to moisture. With its superior strength and long-lasting durability, All American Woodworks EcoPoxy is sure to be the perfect solution for your next project.

How to Use EcoPoxy Pigment for Woodworking Projects?

Using EcoPoxy pigment for woodworking projects is simple. Before applying the Pigment, ensure the wood surface is clean and free of dirt and dust. Applying the EcoPoxy Pigment is best done with a foam brush or roller. Start by slowly adding small amounts of Pigment to the desired area until you achieve your desired look or coverage. Make sure to evenly spread the Pigment across the wood surface for a consistent and even finish.

Allow the Pigment to dry completely before adding any topcoats or sealants. Once your project is finished, you can confidently enjoy its unique look, knowing that it was created using eco-friendly material. EcoPoxy pigments are a great way to take wood projects to the next level with a beautiful and durable finish that you can feel good about.

Available Colors and Custom Color Options:

Put nature in the picture with Ecopoxy pigments! These natural mineral-based dyes are a non-toxic way to add color and creativity to your resin projects. Let them be your paintbrush as you mix up beautiful, vibrant hues like crimson reds, sunny yellows, majestic blues, and earthy browns – even invigorating pinks and purples! And if that wasn’t enough – they also come in classic black & white so no look is off limits. Plus, with Ecopoxy’s custom color-matching service, you can make your project truly unique. Let us show you how to create a signature look that will stand out from the crowd.

These safe, non-toxic colorants bring out the best in any project without fear of fading or yellowing over time. From paints and inks to dyes, nail polish, soap, and cosmetics – there are countless ways you can integrate this amazing product into your crafts. Enjoy a lasting splash of color that won’t quickly run away from your artistry! So no matter what color your vision is, it has the perfect solution. See how easy it is to make a big impression with this versatile product!

Recommended Tools and Equipment for Applying EcoPoxy Pigment:

  • Mixing bowl and spoon for mixing
  • Disposable gloves and safety glasses for personal safety
  • Drop cloth or tarp to catch any spills
  • Stir sticks for stirring the paint/pigment mixture
  • Paint brushes, sponges, rags, or other applicators for applying the Pigment to your project
  • A surface to work on, such as a table or countertop
  • Buckets or cups for holding the paint/pigment mixture during application
  • Paper towels for wiping away any excess pigment.

So what are you waiting for? Get creative with Ecopoxy Pigment and give your projects a unique, one-of-a-kind look! Whether you’re refinishing furniture, making art pieces, or building custom counters and cabinets, it is the perfect way to add vibrant color and personality to your work. You can transform any project into something truly special with just a few tools and supplies. Have fun, get creative and make something amazing!

Examples of EcoPoxy Pigment in Action:

  • Adding colorful design elements to custom furniture pieces
  • Using vibrant colors to make unique artwork
  • Creating a beautiful, marbleized look on countertops and other surfaces
  • Creating an eye-catching finish on 3D-printed objects
  • Mixing Pigment with clear Resin for creating inlays and decorations
  • Producing stained glass and other decorative objects
  • Adding color to candle and soap molds
  • Making unique jewelry pieces or custom accents for home décor

The possibilities are virtually endless. With EcoPoxy Pigment, you can make something extraordinary simply by adding color. Let your imagination run wild! You can try different colors and techniques to create something one-of-a-kind. Whether you’re a professional artist or just starting out, it can help unleash your inner creativity and take your projects to the next level. Let us show you what’s possible!

EcoPoxy Pigment: A Vibrant and Durable Color Solution for Wood Projects

It is the perfect choice for adding vibrant, long-lasting color to any project. EcoPoxy’s revolutionary formula combines ultra-fine pigments with a protective resinous coating to ensure your colors won’t fade. Whether you’re looking to add a bit of sparkle or want full coverage in a unique hue, EcoPoxy Pigment has you covered.

Using EcoPoxy Pigment is easy and fun! Mix your desired amount of Pigment with a few drops of EcoPoxy Activator to create a smooth and creamy paste that can be applied directly to wood surfaces or combined with other mediums for a custom look. Plus, the Pigment can be added to paint or lacquer for an array of endless creative possibilities. And with various colors and sizes available, you’re sure to find just what you need to make your project come alive!

It is durable, waterproof, and resistant to UV damage so your colors will remain vibrant for years to come. Plus, all our pigments are non-toxic and solvent-free for peace of mind. So go ahead and let your imagination soar with EcoPoxy Pigment! Create something beautiful today!

EcoPoxy’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t just stop at the product. We also strive to reduce our environmental footprint by ensuring our manufacturing processes are as green as possible. We use renewable energy sources and recyclable materials whenever possible so we can make a positive impact on the world around us. So not only do you get beautiful, long-lasting results with EcoPoxy Pigment, but you can also feel good knowing that your purchase is helping the environment.

It is the perfect choice for any project that calls for color. From custom artwork to home decor, there are endless possibilities with our vibrant and versatile pigments. And with EcoPoxy’s commitment to quality, you can be sure your results will last. So make something beautiful today with EcoPoxy Pigment.

Products of EcoPoxy from All American Woodworks:

From the sparkle of Glitter Pigments to FlowCast’s smooth surface, All American Woodworks has an array of amazing Ecopoxy products that can bring your artistic vision to life!

EcoPoxy BioPoxy 36 Resin:

Looking for a reliable bonding method to restore composite parts that have been harmed or become weak? It’s BioPoxy 36, of course! The ability of this special method to cure at room temperature gives wet layup and bagging applications strength and dependability. Additionally, it has strong chemical resistance, enabling it to “rehabilitate” expanded polystyrene foam cores that chemicals have damaged. You can finish your repair quickly using EcoPoxy GelCoat since it’s never been simpler to fabricate composites! There is no better option than BioPoxy 36 to construct your upcoming project. When bonding together various materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, EPS foam blocks, and natural fibers, this bio-based glue paste is intended for a wet layup and bagging composite manufacturing projects to give better chemical resistance. Maximum adherence is ensured while providing total control over your most recent creation when the ideal mixture of 4:1 resin-to-hardener ratio by volume is used.

EcoPoxy EcoTrovel:

You may quickly and easily complete a professional epoxy floor coating installation with EcoTrowel. The experience is made even more delightful by its low fragrance and greater strength and flexibility, which set it apart from other trowels. It is also a good adhesive and is available in 3.6kg kits or 10.9kg packs. Additionally, this product is resistant to chemicals and physical damage. It’s easy to use and is designed with a simple trowel, making it great for projects. It has been proven to improve the longevity of an epoxy floor coating installation, providing you with years of worry-free maintenance.

EcoPoxy Mold Release Tape:

This product provides maximum adhesion and protection for your epoxy floor coatings. The EcoPoxy Mold Release Tape provides an easy, fast, and safe way to protect your epoxy floors from both mold and mildew build-up. It also helps prevent the peeling of the coating due to moisture damage. This tape works great in areas prone to moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens. And the tape is easy to apply – roll it out and adhere it with a trowel. You will always receive effortless, cost-effective coverage thanks to our epoxy, which has a width of 72mm and a length of up to 66m – double that of other manufacturers. Better still? Each resin pour may be precisely visualized for the best outcomes. Leak tight is ready to meet all your leakage demands, whether you’re an expert seeking perfection or a beginner at home crafting.

EcoPoxy GelCoat:

Do you need highly durable, waterproof protection for your surfaces? Look no further – our GelCoat is here to save the day. Our product is resistant to all environmental factors, from UV exposure and corrosion to extreme temperatures. The GelCoat’s special formula allows it to bond perfectly with whatever substrate is applied on top for the best results. Plus, it’s easy to apply and has a rich color that never fades. Try our GelCoat today!

You may produce strong items with an attractive glossy finish thanks to EcoPoxy GelCoat’s exceptional level of protection and longevity. This premium coating is ideal for making paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, RV body parts, or in-mold coatings. It also offers chemical resistance, heat insulation, and UV protection when used outside. It can be applied rapidly without sacrificing performance with accuracy and patience, making it the ideal material for inventive minds looking to create something remarkable.

FlowCast EcoPoxy:

For those who want to create a perfect flow, there’s no better solution than FlowCast EcoPoxy. This professional-grade coating allows you to achieve ultra-smooth surfaces without sanding or grinding while providing superior abrasion and chemical resistance. Plus, it is self-leveling, meaning it’s easy to apply and won’t create air bubbles or rough surfaces. That is why it’s the go-to product for those who take their art seriously.

EcoPoxy UVPoxy:

If you’re looking to take your project to the next level, EcoPoxy UVPoxy is the perfect product. This unique formula involves a combination of UV-cured and water-based urethanes and resins. Together, they create a glossy finish that resists scratches and scuffs while providing excellent weather protection from UV rays, chemicals, and environmental pollutants. The best part is that it’s easy to apply and can be used for various surfaces such as wood, metal, concrete, and more. Plus, with its advanced UV protection, your project will last for years to come without fading or discoloring due to sun exposure. It is also extremely cost-effective, making it the ideal choice for any do-it-yourselfer. With its long-lasting protection and economical pricing, this product will surely be a great value and enhance your projects for years to come. So start using today and take your DIY projects to the next level!  With EcoPoxy UVPoxy, you get a high-quality finish that will last. Making your projects look their best with the assurance of superior protection against moisture, chemical, and environmental pollutants.


EcoPoxy GelCloat is our newest pool, spa, and fountain application product. With its gel-like consistency, GelCloat spreads evenly over your project with minimal effort. The special formula gives it a thick, glossy coat with an attractive finish and superior protection against water damage. It is also UV resistant so that the color won’t fade over time. For a clean, modern look for your pool or spa, EcoPoxy GelCloat is the best choice.

EcoPoxy Color Pigments:

EcoPoxy Liquid Color Pigments will give your world color. You may mix and match an endless number of kid-friendly activities suitable for larger projects, stand-alone, and compatible with various materials! When applied by instructions, our non-toxic pigments suspended in Resin provide consistently perfect, solid color with little to no odor. Choosing one of these simple-to-use pigmented resins will take you to the artist’s workshop and give you the impression that you are a professional painter mixing colors on a palette.

Metallic Color Pigment:

Use our Metallic Color Pigments to turn the everyday into something amazing! Make breathtaking, three-dimensional effects that shimmer and glitter like genuine pearls or iridescent colors. Ideal for carpentry crafts, art projects, and more, your creativity is now the only constraint. Each color blends easily with EcoPoxy resins, giving each project an even more eye-catching look! Imagine the possibilities these pigments give for making any surface look just wonderful. They are transparent enough to be seen while dazzlingly reflecting gold or silver.

EcoPoxy Snowwhite:

SnowWhite EcoPoxy is what you need to obtain that flawless, crisp white finish for Ecopoxy River Tables, Decorative Art Pieces, and other large casting projects! It takes much less time than purchasing transparent pigments or making them from scratch. The best part is that it is pre-blended with consistent color matching and is still suitable with most finishing techniques. SnowWhite is a viable alternative for any project requiring a vivid white color because of its exceptional air release characteristics and additional advantages. With a 15L kit and additional protection against weather damage provided by the bio-based carbon content, there is a tone of choice right at your disposal when using this epoxy resin.

Polyester Color Glitters:

Polyester Color glitter is the ideal blend of shine and sparkle, allowing you to create a distinctive style for yourself or your creative endeavors. With these glitters, you can glam up all sorts of crafts, from acrylic paint to glue for jewelry-making. By completing any project with this lustrous finish, which has up to four coats, you’ll be sure to create an impact. It will give whatever you have the desired sleek shimmer look, whether it be for art projects, serve ware epoxy river tables, or even topcoat effects on your vehicle. Try out its astonishing effect right now!

GlowPoxy EcoPoxy:

Glow-in-the-dark art is a great way to bring your creations to life and amaze the crowd. GlowPoxy is a ground-breaking, mess-free solution that will give your woodworking endeavors a unique appearance. Because it is made of high-quality photoluminescent components and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, it will provide you maximum brightness indoors or near any source of illumination. It also won’t cause skin irritation for hours after use. Use this fantastic epoxy coating to create simple and enjoyable Glow Art Projects for Kids and let your imagination soar.

All American Woodworks’ EcoPoxy Pigment: A High-Quality and Eco-Conscious Color Option

You can get all the furniture and woodworking supplies you need at All American Woodworks. We offer Ecopoxy resins in various colors and their lovely handcrafted goods in Montana. Our non-toxic and VOC-free Epoxy Resin System allows you to mix bespoke colors while still reaping the advantages of its high gloss finish, UV resistance, and other features whether you’re using it indoors or out. All American Woodworks has everything you need, whether you’re looking for epoxies to cast jewelry pieces, laminating works on tables and chairs, molding sculptures from stones, or want to make something new out of an old piece at home. Our products are designed with the environment in mind, and our staff is ready to help you find the best products for your needs. So, regarding epoxy resins, All American Woodworks has got you covered. We look forward to helping you make something beautiful!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes EcoPoxy Pigment from All American Woodworks an environmentally friendly option for wood finishing?

EcoPoxy Pigment from All American Woodworks is an environmentally friendly option for wood finishing because it contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), uses recycled plastic Resin, and is water-based. It means that it has a low impact on the environment during production and application. Additionally, this product can be applied without special equipment and easily cleans up. Finally, it helps protect the wood from water damage and UV exposure for long-lasting results.

How does the EcoPoxy Pigment compare to other pigments in color vibrancy and durability?

The Pigment has a vibrant and intense color that is fade-resistant and can last for years. It makes it perfect for indoor or outdoor use and any project requiring long-lasting results. Additionally, it is non-toxic and safe to use, making it an ideal choice for home DIY projects.

Can the EcoPoxy Pigment be used for both indoor and outdoor wood projects?

Absolutely! The Pigment is formulated to be weather-resistant and UV-stable, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor wood projects. It can also be used in other applications, such as concrete, epoxy resin, metal, etc. So no matter what project you have in mind, it is a perfect choice.

Is there any special mixing or application instructions for the EcoPoxy Pigment?

Yes, there are a few instructions to keep in mind when using EcoPoxy Pigment:

  • When mixing, ensure that the Pigment and clear coat have both been thermo-mixed at 175°F for 15 minutes before combining.
  • Ensure that you only mix enough products for one application at a time, as unmixed Pigment cannot be stored after it has been thermally mixed.
  • When applying, ensure the surface is clean and debris-free to ensure maximum adhesion.
  • Ensure proper ventilation when using EcoPoxy Pigment, as it is a water-based product and can release potentially harmful fumes if not used by the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Mix the product thoroughly before applying, and apply in thin coats for best results.
  • After applying, ensure that you allow the product to dry completely before touching it or exposing it to moisture.
  • Finally, make sure to wear protective gear such as masks and gloves when using EcoPoxy Pigment to protect yourself from any potential hazards.

With proper use, you'll be able to enjoy the long-lasting and beautiful results of EcoPoxy Pigment for years to come!

How does the EcoPoxy Pigment compare in terms of cost to traditional pigments?

EcoPoxy Pigment is a cost-effective alternative to traditional pigments made from renewable plant-based materials. It makes it both more affordable and better for the environment. EcoPoxy Pigment does not require additional ingredients or products for application, which can further reduce overall costs. As a result, customers can enjoy professional-level results while spending less money.

Is there any safety concerns associated with using EcoPoxy Pigment?

EcoPoxy Pigment is a non-toxic, safe product containing no hazardous chemicals. It has been tested for toxicity and found to comply with global safety standards. In addition, EcoPoxy Pigment is free of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and does not emit unpleasant odors during or after use. As a result, it is safe to use in any indoor or outdoor environment without concern about safety risks

Does the EcoPoxy Pigment come in a variety of colors?

Yes, EcoPoxy Pigment comes in many colors and hues to choose from. The color palette offers everything from bright and bold shades to subtle and muted tones. Furthermore, you can use the pigment powder to produce custom hues unique to your project. With EcoPoxy Pigment, you can bring your project to life.

Can the EcoPoxy Pigment be used on different types of wood?

Yes, EcoPoxy Pigment can be used on various wood types and surfaces. Whether you're working with hardwoods like oak or softwoods like cedar, the pigment powder will adhere to the surface and create a beautiful finish. It is also safe on metals, plastics, and other non-wood surfaces. With EcoPoxy Pigment, you can be sure that your projects will have a professional look and feel you desire.

How long does it take for the EcoPoxy Pigment to dry and cure?

The dry time for EcoPoxy Pigment varies depending on the environment, but it generally takes about 24 hours to reach full cure. The Pigment will become increasingly hard and durable during this time as the Resin cures completely. Be sure to read all instructions before applying your project's finish to determine how long you need to wait for the Pigment to completely dry and cure. You should always apply EcoPoxy Pigment in a well-ventilated area free of dust or dirt particles for best results. It ensures that your project will look its best with a smooth, even finish.

Does EcoPoxy have FDA approval?

Ecopoxy is still completely safe for your kitchen even though the FDA has not formally approved it. You can use this product confidently because it is food grade, meaning that objects like mugs, plates, and serving trays are safe.


EcoPoxy Pigment is an easy-to-use product that can be used to add vibrant color and design elements to all kinds of surfaces. The fast drying time, durable finish, and simple application make it an ideal choice for projects ranging from fine art paintings to furniture refinishing. With careful preparation and attention to instructions, you can ensure consistent results that will stand the test of time.

So, whether you’re creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece or simply giving your interior decor an update, EcoPoxy Pigment from All American Woodwork is a great choice for any project. With our wide range of colors and styles, you can easily customize your look and bring your vision to life. Enjoy the beauty and durability of EcoPoxy Pigment for years to come!

Get started today and find out why EcoPoxy Pigment is the preferred choice of professionals everywhere! Thank you for considering All American Woodwork for your next project. We look forward to helping you bring your creativity and vision to life!

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