Rose Carving

It’s no secret that roses are a timeless classic and maybe the most popular flower. Roses have had many different meanings and significance behind them, depending on the color of the rose and who you ask. When most people think of roses, they think of red and associate the flower with passion, love, and other strong emotion. White roses signify spirituality, remembrance, innocence, and purity. Pink roses are versatile but often used for friendship or admiration. The list goes on and on but instead of giving roses that will eventually wither away for the next occasion, why not mix things up with a rose wood carving that will stay as fresh and beautiful today as it will be 10 years from now! This carving makes a beautiful wedding, anniversary, commemorative, or friendship gift that is unique and thoughtful! The detail of these rose carvings is mesmerizing from the intricate petals to the leaves and stem. If your loved one is expecting flowers any time soon, blow them away with this gorgeous wood carving instead!
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